Sandwiches and Wraps

Make it a platter for $2.20 – includes Fries or a Fruit Bowl

Denver – $6.25

Add Cheese – $0.90

BLT- $5.99

Turkey – $7.50

Fresh roasted turkey in our own kitchen.

Roast Beef – $6.75

Fresh roasted and carved in our kitchen.

Grilled Cheese – $4.75

Chicken Finger Grilled Cheese – $7.75

Garlic grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with 2 chicken fingers.

Veggie Wrap- $6.00

Stuffed with lettuce, tomato cucumber, red onions green pepper and grated cheese with your choice of dressing.

Add a chicken breast – $4.00

Chicken Caesar Wrap – $10.00

Chicken breast with bacon, romaine and Caesar dressing

Taco Wrap – $10.25

Stuffed with lettuce, tomato, crushed tortilla chips, green onions, grated cheese and taco beef

Chicken Souvlaki Wrap – $10.25

Seasoned chicken breast with romaine, tomato, red onion, green pepper, cucumber, feta and tzatziki sauce

Shrimp Taco – $11.75

3 soft tacos filled with breaded jalapeno shrimp, lettuce and tomato topped with a creamy sweet chilli sauce.

Seasonally available – Substitute Pickerel Fillets instead of shrimp – add $4.00